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Professional motor treadmill inSPORTline SEG-TAT7720 - brings 4 new unique patented solutions for suspension of running surface.

  1. Advanced Dual-Frame Technology: independently stored running surface significantly reduces the transmission of shocks and significantly prolongs the service life of the control console, and improves the legibility of LED displays during exercise.
  2. 4- layer PVC (3.3 mm) antistatic belt.
  3. Shock absorbing elastomer: macromolecular layer with high flexibility under the PVC belt.

Technical description of inSPORTline SEG-TA7720 Treadmill:

  • powerful motor treadmill with an electronic lift of the running area
  • speed of 0.8 to 25.0 km/h (after 0.1 km/h)
  • treadmill engine power: 2.0 HP (peak power 4.0 HP)
  • electronically controlled gradient: 0-15% (after 1%)
  • Soft handlebar grips
  • heart rate sensors in handles
  • integrated wireless pulse receiver
  • integrated speakers and a 3.5 mm jack
  • integrated fan with a three-level power control
  • reinforced running MDF board, thickness 2,6 cm
  • durable frame with special surface treatment
  • advanced suspension systems and intelligent automatic suspension settings
  • display: large dot matrix LED display 21x10 cm
  • computer displays: distance, time, speed, heart rate, calories, inclination
  • PC: 6 training programs - Manual, Lose Weight, 5k run, interval, HRC, User Set
  • buttons for quick selection of speed and treadmill slope
  • resistant steel frame
  • 4 built-in castors for easy transport
  • bolts to compensate unevenness of floor
  • bottle holder and reading rack
  • S category (according to EN957) for commercial fitness
  • dimensions of treadmill after assemblage: L218 x W100 x H150 cm
  • running area: 158x56 cm
  • special features: automatic lubrication intervals reminder
  • Power Safe: automatic switch to sleep mode after 20 minutes of inactivity
  • special features: setup guide step-by-step
  • maximum recommended load: 180 kg
  • treadmill weight: 210 kg
  • maximum recommended height of gymnasts: unlimited

Extended 5-year warranty.

Piezvani: +371 68622888
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