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Artikuls: IN 6899
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IN - Piegādes laiks 2-14 dienas

Varianti: IN 6899

BARBIE bike gloves belong to basic protective gear for your children and has several functions. They absorb sweat from palms and keep hands dry. They are designed for protecting hands and joints while falling. These gloves are made of quality leather on the side where it is in contact with grips and the other side is made of permeable elastic material. Hands of your child are protected, but also ventilated due to the permeable material. That is why these gloves are suitable for a short as well as for a long ride. The BARBIE motive is attractive for your children and they will like to wear it.


Technical desciption: 

  • Combination of quality leather and elastic material for comfort
  • Absorb sweat from palms
  • Absorb vibrations from handlebars and protect joints
  • Fit hands perfectly
  • Used materials are not unhealthy
  • Suitable for ages 5 and up


Combine these gloves with ellbow and knee pads and a helmet for higher child safety.

Piezvani: +371 68622888
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