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Artikuls: IN 7152

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Varianti: 7152

Fitness stand inSPORTline Column CC300 is a high quality multifunctional stand that is suitable for home use. Steel construction with a frame profile of 50 x 50 mm has a high load capacity and stability. Fitness stand inSPORTline Column CC300 offers more than 100 different exercises with effective practicing of the whole body. Commonly, you can use pulleys to strengthen the arms, especially the biceps and triceps, to strengthen the legs by a method of spreading your legs appart and by doing a side leg lift, which strengthens mainly the outer and inner thighs, but also the classic butterfly to strengthen the pectoral muscles. Fitness stand inSPORTline Column CC300 also features lower pulley, which simulates rowing and a multifunctional horizontal bar that allows you to perform pull-ups. Other benefits include flexible steel wires, nylon pulleys and spikes for discs with a diameter of 30 mm, which can be loaded up to 200 kg. Up to 18 positions of handles height adjustment ensure the use for all users from different height categories. Thanks to these excellent properties the fitness stand inSPORTline Column CC300 have become very popular and sought after for home use.

Technical description:

  • multifunctional fitness stand
  • allows you to change dozens of positions and exercises
  • steel construction with a frame profile of 60 x 60 mm
  • durable finish
  • upper pulley
  • non-slip handles
  • high stability
  • spikes for discs with a diameter of 30 mm
  • 18 positions of handles height adjustment
  • nylon pulleys
  • flexible steel wires covered with nylon
  • dimensions: width 180 cm x length 150 cm x height 213 cm
  • load capacity: 200 kg
  • weight: 83 kg
  • category HA (according to EN957) intended for home use


Training sites:

  • biceps on a pulley - free
  • triceps on a pulley
  • spreading the arms out (shoulders)
  • stretching the arms sideways (shoulders)
  • spreading the legs appart (outer thighs)
  • doing a side leg lift (inner thighs)
  • squats with holding the pulley
  • rowing (lower pulley)
  • pressures on the chest while standing
  • butterfly with back support (while using a bench)
  • back butterfly with chest support (while using a bench)
  • shoulder presses while seated (while using a bench)


By exercise on a fitness stand you strengthen these body parts:



Recommended by Petr Kopriva, the inSPORTline Coach

 Petr Kopřiva


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